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Starting with its perfect location right on the beaches of Malibu, all the way to how spacious the house is, how big its pool at the backyard is and how well-furnished and decorated every single room is, the house is a real gem.

Various Locations

With the total space reaching over 8000 square…

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Privacy and Security

Renters insurance helps keep your belongings secure, whether they're on your desk.

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Derk Zoolander

Derek joined us in 2007, has been Company Secretary since 2010 and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2015. He is a Chartered Accountant.

James Potter

Mr. Potter joined us in 2010 as an Investment Analyst and was promoted to Senior Investment Officer. He has long experience as an analyst.

Lily Granger

While Lily works here only 10 years, her efficiency allowed us to name her a Senior manager of our biggest portfolios.